[Chocolate,Chocolate, Add some milk]


There is a game called “chocolate chocolate add some milk” which is played by 4 to 5 people standing in a line.
It starts by the first player who does some moves with in the rhythm of “chocolate chocolate add some milk”.And after the first round the second player duplicate the first player’s move while the first player is creating a new move. And the third player duplicate the second player’s move and so on.

In this project I used web cam to record moves. After the round it plays the frames that has been recorded right next to the real time frames. And then doing the video cascade for the rest player.
For implementation first I captured the frames from the web cam and drew it in numbers of rectangle, and at the same time I save it as an image array. Finally I cascaded the video in sequence with 100 frames delay for each video.

The project uses a web cam and a projector. A good lighting condition is required.

And I wore black shirt and gloves to enhance the video capture.


~ by Kuan-ju Wu on 03/03/2010.

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